OASIS Project Overview

OASIS is an EU co-funded project as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme - CIP.

It aims to provide public administrations a cloud-based environment for the deployment of interactive e-government services that facilitate creation, dissemination, access and reuse of information by public bodies as well as citizens, businesses, non-profit organizations …
Current information systems are built by the juxtaposition of unconnected services, creating silo architectures impeding the flow and dissemination of information.
Cloud computing offers highly scalable databases achieving great performances, ubiquitous network access, location independent ressources and rapid elasticity. OASIS project will take advantage of open standards and use cloud architecture to « break the silos ».

Partners and pilot sites

13 partners from 6 european countries work on the project that will be experimented on 5 pilot sites during 12 months. The project started on February 1, 2012 and the demonstration phase with the opening of the first services will be effective in september 2013.

Partners and Pilot Sites
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The pilot will focus specifically on 12 applications for citizens, public authorities and businesses, and will include user-enriched content from citizens/residents accessible via internet, telephone hotline and smart phones.